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Implement an online shopping cart

A4DeskPro features a rich set of shopping cart to assist people making purchases online, it makes setting up your own online store easy and affordable.

Creating a shopping cart is very easy and simple, you can follow the steps below:

1. Select Edit --> Shopping Cart Settings or click shopping cart setting button on the toolbar.

shopping cart settings

2. A pop up window is now displayed, you can set the shopping cart size, title, footer, modify the text of purchase button, etc., under General Settings tab in Shopping Cart Settings.

set the shopping cart

3. You can click on 'Background Settings' tab to change the background color or add a background image.

set shopping cart background


4.Click on 'PayPal Settings' tab, type in PayPal account, select default currency and currency symbol.

paypal settings for shopping cart


5. When Miscellaneous tab is clicked, users can style the text for item title, price, button text, etc.

miscellaneous settings of shopping cart

6. Click load flv video player or load flv video player button to add the item(s). Fill in the name, item name and description, image description tooltip, item price as well as a purchase link of the item. You can also make use of the text style icons at the top to change the style of the text. Select an item image by pressing insert image. You can generate a PayPal link for each product by clicking paypal link

add items to shopping cart

5.Select the page that you want to display the shopping cart, and click load flv video player to apply the settings.

insert shopping cart

6. Select 'View->Preview in Browser', then click the menu page with the shopping cart added to view the shopping cart.

preview the shopping cart

7. Save and publish the A4Desk Pro site.