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Place a music player on website

A4DeskPro allows users to add multiple MP3 songs using its built-in music player. Putting music or audio recordings accessible on your website can effectively spice up your site, which in turn keeping your visitors stay longer and explore the service and offerings your site provides.

The steps of creating a built-in music player is very easy, you can follow the steps below:

1. Select Edit-->Music Player Settings or click music player setting icon button on the toolbar.

music player setting

2. A pop up window is now displayed, click add music icon to insert music tracks.

add mp3 music to built in music player

3. The song name would be the same as file name by default, feel free to modify it according to your preferences. Set the size of music player by typing pixels in width and height. If you want to auto-play music when page opens, check the box 'Auto play when start music player' Select the menu page where you would like to display the music player. Click close button to apply the settings.

add flv video to video player

Another option to add the player to the page you want:

Select the Menu item and choose [Image/Album/Video] in Edit Item Panel, then select [Load A4DeskPro A4DeskPro Music Player]

select menu item

load a4deskpro music player

5.You can always preview the website with the built-in music player by clicking [Preview] button and select the page where you insert the player.

preview the video player

6. Save and publish the A4DeskPro site.