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Add photo gallery for website

A4DeskPro allows users to insert multiple photos using its built-in gallery. The gallery is the perfect tool for sharing joyous and memorable moments with families and friends, while it can also showcase the product and service of the company.

The steps of creating a built-in gallery is very easy, you can follow the steps below:

1. Select Edit-->Built-in Gallery Settings or click button on the toolbar.

built-in gallery

2. A pop up window is now displayed, click [Add] to insert images in jpg, gif or png format.

3 Add description in Description field to make the photo informative, a hyperlink can also be inserted in the photo. Choose where the link will be displayed. Click [Close] when finish adding photos.

add description

4.Select the Menu item and choose [Image/Flash] in Edit Item Panel, then select [Load A4DeskPro built-in gallery]

select menu item\

5.You can always preview the website with the built-in gallery by clicking [Preview] button, and click the back and next arrow buttons to see other photos.

preview the site

6. Save and publish the A4Desk Pro site.