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Build multilingual website

Does your website attract visitors who speak in different languages? Many websites need to be developed in several languages to target different audiences. Thus, it is very important to find a website building software that has multi language feature with a user-friendly interface. This guide covers building the multilingual website (Italian and German) with A4DeskPro which allows you to create a flash website without any programming or coding skill required.

1. Download the A4DeskPro website builder software and install in your computer.

2. You should have the domain name for uploading the website to the server, e.g. and we are going to publish two folders in which the paths can be and Subfolders of Italian and German can be created via cPanel or other FTP tool such as Filezilla.

3.Run A4DeskPro software , select "Create New Site" and then click "Next", choose the template and click "Open".

select flash template

4. The project is now opened and we are going to create an Italian site first. Click the menu tab, fill the website with content and insert the image.

insert text and images for Italian site

4. In "HTML and Meta Tag Settings", type the following HTML code in the text area:

html code for multilingual site

type html code for multilingual site

5. Click "Preview" tag, the text link is created. When user clicks the link, it will redirect to different page.

direct to different multi language page


6. Select "File->Save Project" when it is done.

7. Select "File->Publish to FTP", a pop-up window is displayed. Fill in the information for FTP settings. For details, please visit A4DeskPro User Guide.

upload multi language page to server

Note: Please make sure you should upload the site to Italian folder as mentioned in step 2.

8. For building a website for German, open a new project and repeat steps 1-7. Upload the site to German folder.

create German website

9. Please check our sample here.