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Building Arabic language websites

building arabic language site

Most European languages are written from left-to-right, whereas some middle eastern language such as Arabic and Hindi are written from right-to-left. The user guide takes you through the steps of building an arabic website using A4DeskPro.

1. Select Edit -> Font Settings or click font settings button button on the toolbar.

select font settings

2. A pop up window is now displayed, clickchange font button.

font settings panel

3. Choose Tahoma font, select the font style and size. Click ok button to apply the settings.

choose tahoma font

3. You can also select 'Right' to align the text to align the text to the right. After changing the font, click save font settings button and ok button

align text to right

4. Fill in the content for your site.

fill in content for your site

5. Click here to view the sample Arabic site created by A4DeskPro