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Adding a PayPal link

You can add a Paypal link by using a text link or a menu button, which can be done by the following steps:

Step 1: Sign up a Paypal account

Visit to sign up a Paypal account.

Step 2: Select the menu item in "Menus edit item" panel

With a project opened in A4DeskPro, select the menu item you would like to call
the Paypal payment page.

Step 3: Link to the Paypal payment page

Option 1: Insert a link in the menu item

1. Select the option "Link".

2. The "Link" tab will be displayed at the bottom of the interface, click the "Custom Link" button.

Option 2: Insert a text link

1. Select the option "Text".

2. The "Text" tab will be opened, highlight the text you want to call Paypal payment page,
click the "Link" button at the bottom of the interface.

Step 4: Generate Paypal payment link

1. A pop-up dialog box will be displayed. Enter the required information and
click "Generate Payment Link", then a URL will be displayed in "Link Address". Click "Add" to apply the settings.

2. Save and publish the project. When user clicks the menu button or text link,
it will redirect to the Paypal payment page.