Create Websites Easily

Working with HTML

A4DeskPro provides an easy method to work with the HTML source of your website. The program lets you do this even without any knowledge of HTML. Creating meta description and meta keywords can be done without tweaking the HTML code.

To use the HTML tab

  1. Click the HTML tab in the Menus/ Design/ HTML panel. The HTML tab opens to reveal the following.

  1. Enter a title for the site in the Site Title field.

  2. To create a meta description for the site enter a brief description related to your site in the Meta Description field.

  3. Enter a set of words related to your site in the Meta Keywords fields.

Note:  Keywords are words or phrases that users use on the internet to search for your site and are related to the contents of your site.

  1. In the Memo Area field follow the instructions to create a memo. A sample instruction is already included that can be changed to suit your requirements. You can also remove it to remove the memo.

  2. To change or set a color for the Background enter a hexadecimal color code in the Color field under HTML Background Color or click the color button adjacent to the Color field to open the Color dialog from where you can select a color or specify colors that can be assigned.

  3. To import a background image for your web page click the folder button associated with the HTML Background Image section and browse for the image file on your computer using the Images Resizer dialog.. To edit or resize the image use the Resize Image option of the dialog. For more information on how to use the dialog refer the Creating and Editing Main Information topic.

Note:  All changes made under the HTML tab can be instantly viewed in the Preview and Workspace panel. If the page does not refresh click the Refresh button.