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How to change font size

The Font Settings tool is convenient for adjusting font style of several elements of your webpage.

To use the Font Settings dialog

  1. Click the "Font Settings"  button in the "Menus/ Design/ HTML" and Edit Item panel or the "Font Settings"  button on the "Toolbar" or select "Font Settings" from the "Edit" menu . The "Font Settings" dialog opens displaying the styles for the various elements of the page.

  1. To change the font of a style click the "Change Font" button associated with the style. The "Font" dialog opens that you can modify the font style, typeface and size.

  2. To adjust text alignment, click the button below the "Change Font" and select an option from the list.

  3. To change the color of a style click on the color button. The "Color" dialog opens from where you can select a color or create specific ones that you can assign later.

  4. To save a style click on the "Save Font Settings" button. The "Save Font Settings" dialog shows.

  1. Enter a name in the "Style Name" field and click "Save".

  2. To remove a style, select the style in drop-down box and click "Delete". A confirm dialog shows.

  1. Click "Yes" to delete the style.

  2. To apply the setting of styles to all new project check the option "Apply this setting to ALL new projects".

  3. To clear all font styles, select "Remove font styles" from the drop-down list and click "OK".