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Inthis topic we will introduce the interface of the A4DeskPro Flash website builder program and its various parts. Detailed instructions of other functions are covered under subsequent topics.

The editing screen of the A4DeskPro looks as shown below.


The Menu bar


The Menu bar and its menus is where you can access and perform most of the functions of the A4DeskPro Flash website builder. Click a menu item (and position the mouse over a menu item subsequently after an item is clicked) and its associated menu drops down revealing the options as shown below, for the File menu.

menu bar

You can also invoke the menus using the Alt key of your keyboard plus the first letter of a menu. For example to invoke the File menu press Alt on your keyboard and holding it down press F.

Inside a menu you can select an option by either clicking it with the mouse or using hotkey combinations indicated beside a menu option. For instance to open a New projectpress the Control (Ctrl) key and holding it down press N on yourkeyboard. Note that to use a speedkey you need not open a menu.

Also oncea menu is open you can perform any of the functions in that menu by pressing the underlined letter of that function on your keyboard.

The Toolbar

Several important functions of the Menu bar are displayed using the same icons as in the menus conveniently below the menubar on a Toolbar. To find out what these buttons stand for simply hold your cursor on any of them and a tool tip will indicate their function.

The Panels

There are three distinct panels. They are:

The Preview and Workspace Panel

This panel displays the selected template of the website or presentation being created. Changes to the attributes of the web page can be viewed here..

The Menus/ Design/ HTML and Edit Item panel

This panel helps you to navigate to the various components of the web page (Menus), tweaking the HTML content (HTML) and the design of the web page (Design) .

The Main Information/ Menu Header and Text panel

This panel works in tandem with the tabs of the Menu/ Design/ HTML panel and reflects information about the items selected in thatpanel. Using this panel you can edit information related to the items selectedin the Menu/Design/HTML panel.

Additional function buttons

For convenience, some of the most frequentlyused important functions can be accessed by using the associated buttons locatedat the bottom left and right of the A4DeskPro main window.