Create Websites Easily

Starting A4DeskPro

Starting the A4DeskPro program is simple. Once installation is completed, you will see a A4DeskPro  icon on your desktop.

To start A4DeskPro website builder

  1. Click the A4DeskPro icon on your desktop.


From the Start menu, select Programs -> A4DeskPro -> A4DeskPro.

The following windows are displayed when the program is invoked.

create new project for a4deskpro

  1. To create a new website, select the Create New Flash Website radio button or to load an existing project, select the Open Project radio button, enter the path where the existing project can be found (you can click Browse and browse the folder too) and click Next. If you select the Recent Projects button a list of the recent projects you were working on is displayed in the box. Move the highlight bar to your desired project.

  2. When the radio button of Create New Flash Website is selected, clicking Next button will take you to the template wizard to choose the template. If the Open project or Recent Projects buttons are selected, clicking Next will open the exising project. Clicking Exit closes and exits the program. Clicking Cancel closes the wizard and takes you to the opening screen of the A4DeskPro program.

Note: You can refer to the topic of Creating a New Project for information on how to create a new project. Visit Opening and Editing existing projects for information on opening existing projects.

  1. To exit A4DeskPro, select Exit from the File menu.