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Register a Template

A4DeskPro comes with a set of pre-installed templates. To use these templates without any demo button and pop-up dialogs you will need to register the template first. You can register either by purchasing A4DeskPro Unlimited Template Access Plan or Single Template License.

The followings are the steps to register:

To purchase a template license

  1. Click the Register Template button on the toolbar or select Register Template from the File menu.

  2. The Template Registration dialog shows.

  1. Click the Register your template online and get the license key instantly link or the Online Registration button.

  2. You will be taken to A4DeskPro's home page. Click on Registration and choose your options according to your requirements to register the template.

    Single Template Registration
    If you are just interested in using one template to build one website, the "Single Template" option is suitable for you.

    Unlimited Template Access Plan
    If you are interested in creating multiple sites, for different companies, then the unlimited template access plan would be more cost effective.

    You can go for unlimited template access plan for 3 months or 1 year if you would like to build multiple websites, plus bonus software. You can generate unlimited license key for creating websites during subscription period (3 months or 1 year). When the subscription plan expires, you can CONTINUE to open and update the site content of your previous projects. You only need to renewal the subscription plan for creating new websites or download new templates.

    We do have Design Studio Pack designed to create multiple websites or download new templates without time limit. You can always login the member area to generate license key, or download the latest version of software where your account will never be expired and no renewal is required.

    Choose the plan you would like to register, simply click the Click here to Proceed to Payment Page button and follow the payment steps. We will email you purchase confirmation and payment acknowledgement. Once we process your order, you will receive the download or account information.

Single Template Registration

  1. After verifying registration details, you will be taken to a Thank You page.

  2. We will email you the download details along with a license key for you to activate your template (to remove the demo only button).
  3. Put in the Registration details (Site Title and the License Key) to the A4DeskPro Template Registration dialog

    Note:   Site Title represents the Site Name of your website, e.g., ABC Company.

  4. Click OK.

    Note: If your license key is incorrect, an Information box- "The License Key is invalid!" would show.

  5. The template will be refreshed and activated after you enter the correct registration details.

    Note: The site title should always remains unchanged, otherwise the demo button will appear again.

Unlimited Template Access Plan

  1. After verifying registration details, you will be taken to a Thank You page.
  2. We will email you the account information (username and password) to login to the A4DeskPro Member Area (

  3. Go to the A4DeskPro Member Area page: and fill in your username and password.

    You will be taken to the site where you can generate license keys.

    Note:   From this page you can also download the free bonus programs A4MenuBuilder, A4Desk Flash Photo Gallery Builder, A4Desk Flash Music Player, A4Desk Flash Video Player, iMapBuilder , A4Desk Flash Shopping Cart and A4Desk Flash Event Calendar from the Free Bonus Program section. You can refer to the Download and Install Additional Bonus Programs topic for more information.

  4. Enter your Site Title (i.e. your site name, e.g., ABC Company) which is compulsory.
  5. Choose your template type by selecting the appropriate radio button.
  6. Select a template from the Template ID drop-down list.
  7. Click Generate.
  8. A new web page is opened with the registration key for the selected template.

  9. Follow the instructions on the page to register the new template or follow Step 1 and Step 2. In the A4DeskPro Template Registration dialog enter the details as they are provided in the License Key Generation page.

  10. Make sure the site title should match the license key, otherwise the demo button will appear again. The site title is now displayed on the website.

    site title in website

  11. Click OK and Refresh the page to remove Demo button and messages from the template.