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Publishing a Site to FTP

You can publish and upload your site to FTP directly from A4DeskPro. It is easy, simple and convenient.

To Open the Publish and Upload to FTP

  1. Click the FTP button or click the Publish and Upload to FTP   button on the Toolbar or select Publish to FTP from the File menu. The Default FTP Settings dialog is displayed. You can also modify the default FTP settings by selecting FTP Settings from the Options menu. Note: If you have not fill in the FTP information, the Default FTP Settings dialog will pop up automatically. You can also open this dialog by clicking FTP Settings from the Options menu.

  1. You can choose an upload method :

  2. Put in the FTP information under the Default FTP Settings (FTP Host/ Login/ Password/ Default Host Directory) and then click Test Connection to test the connection. The Result will be shown on the bottom. When the connection is successful, click OK.

  3. For Default Host Directory field, this is to fill in the server root directory path. Normally, it will be "/" or "/htdocs/" or "/public_html/" or "/var/www/html/". However, some share web hosting may use the username or domain name as the path for easy management, you should check this out with your web hosting company and ask them to give you the full path to your root directory.

    e.g. Yahoo Web Hosting will like "/{username}/".

  4. In some case, you may still fail in uploading, this may due to your web hosting server limitation, some web hosting may have limit in creating folder, 2MB limit for each file, or filename naming, in that case, you should contact your web hosting company about this issue and ask for solution.

A4DeskPro Built-in FTP wizard

  1. Once you can connect your FTP server, the Publish To FTP dialog opens.

  1. You can select the remote folder

  2. Click Upload to upload your files to web server.

  3. Once you upload the files successfully, it will tell you "Upload Complete".
    You should have the "index.html", "index.xml", "index.swf" and "a4content" folder
  4. If you have added built-in photo gallery, music player, shopping cart, video player, you should see the folders like "a4progallery", "a4promusic", "a4provideo", "a4proshopcart" under the "a4content" folder.
  5. Click Close to return.

Windows FTP (require installation of MSIE 5.x or 6.x)

  1. You can use the Internet Explorer's FTP feature to upload files (Note: It requires IE 5.x or 6.x)

  1. You can find all your existing FTP files on the left window.
  2. Select files you want to upload on the right and drag them to the left.
  3. After upload is completed, click Return to A4DeskPro button to return.

External FTP software

1. You can choose your own FTP software by clicking Browse button and click OK.

2. It will start the chosen FTP software automatically.

Necessary file when upload manually using 3rd party FTP software

1. index.html

2. index.swf

3. index.xml

4. a4content (whole folder include any files/ subfolders inside)