Create Websites Easily

How do I publish my website

You can publish a site onto your computer.

To publish a site on a computer or on a computer on a network

  1. Click the Publish button or click the Publish button on the Toolbar or select Publish from the File menu. The Publish dialog is displayed.


If Project is not saved, a confirmation box will ask you to save Project. You can click "No" to skip it and continue to Publish.

(NOTE: We recommend you to save the project. )

  1. In this dialog you can browse for folders and navigate to a folder of choice or even create a new folder.

  2. You can also publish onto CD and to include an autorun.inf file for the CD by checking the "Create autorun.inf file for CD-ROM autorun" checkbox.

  3. Finally click the "Publish" button to publish the website.

  4. A confirmation box is displayed indicating that the site was published.

  1. Click "Yes" to view the published site in your browser.


Note: For more details about Publish a site to FTP, please visit the Publish a site to FTP page.