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Opening and Editing Existing Projects

You can open existing projects and then modify or edit them at later stages. There are two common methods of opening existing projects.

To open an existing project using the Wizard

When you open the A4DeskPro application, the Start Wizard prompts you to create or open saved projects. Existing projects are displayed in the Recent Projects box. You can open saved projects either by using the Open Project option or Recent Projects option.

  1. Select the Open Project radio button.  The Project Browser dialog is displayed.

  1. Browse through the folders for your project. By default the browser opens the file in the folder where you last saved the file.

  2. Select the project file and click Open and the project file is opened.

Tip:  The Starting Wizard opens every time you open the A4DeskPro Flash website builder.

  1. To open a project file listed in the Recent Projects box, select the Recent Projects radio button and select the project you wish to open from the box, and then click Next . The project file is opened inside the Preview and Workspace panel.

To open an existing project using the Menu bar and Toolbar

  1. From the File menu, select Open. (Hotkey - Ctrl+O) Or click the Open button on the Toolbar.

  2. The Open Dialog opens. Navigate to the location of your project file (of type *.ppl) and select it.

  3. Click Open. The project file is opened in the Preview and Workspace panel.

Tip:   Instead of the above option you can also click the down arrowhead of the Open button and it will display the Open Dialog in 2. above. You can also position your mouse over the Recent Projects option from the File menu and select the most recently opened project file that is displayed.

  1. Edit the project file as per your needs. For more information on how to edit the project file see the topic Creating a New Project.