Create Websites Easily

Creating a New Project

Creating a Website using the A4DeskPro Flash Website Builder basically involves creating a project. You can create as many projects as you wish. In this example, we will provide you with instructions to create a basic website. We will then explain further how to tweak and modify other attributes of the website in the subsequent topics.

To create a new project

  1. From the File menu click New. (Hotkey: Ctrl + N)

- or-

  1. Click the New button from the Toolbar. The Create New Flash Website dialog opens where you can select your new Flash template for your website.

Note:  By default, all templates are displayed as thumbnails. In all there are 6 themes including Business, Artworks, Cyber, Clean, Leisure and Standard. You can jump to a particular page by choosing the page number from the Jump to Page Spin box and then clicking the Go button. You can also display the templates in List View. Once you click on a template on the left, it can be previewed in the window on the right.

  1. Select a template for your website in the gallery and click Open.

  2. The selected template is instantly inserted into the Preview panel.

Note:  To use an A4DeskPro template you will have to register it. See the Registration topic for more details.

  1. You can now build the template to suit your requirements for your website by using the Menus/Design/HTML/Edit Item panel and the Main Information/Menu Header/Text panels. For modifying the main information of your website template, please see the Creating and Editing Main Information topic.

  1. To save the project, select Save As (Save if the project has already been saved) from the File menu or click the Save button on the Toolbar.

  2. If you are saving the project for the first time, the Windows Save As dialog opens where you can save the project file. Otherwise, clicking the Save from the File menu or the Save button on the Toolbar saves the file without prompting for file name.

Note:   The default filename extension of the project file is *.a4p and it is stored in the Projects folder by default.

  1. To close a saved project, select Close from the File menu or click the Close button from the Toolbar. (Hotkey - Ctrl+W) If changes to a project file hasn't been made, the project file is closed. Otherwise the following dialog is displayed.

  1. Click Yes to close the project.