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  1. I meet problem when uploading the website using A4DeskPro Build-in Ftp. ( at top )

    You may refer to our user guide: Publishing a Site to FTP

  2. I got 11004 error code when uploading. ( at top )

    This may because you fill in the invalid information in Ftp Host field, please do not fill in any http:// or ftp:// in this field. The ftp host should look like or

  3. Do sites of A4DeskPro support Yahoo or GoDaddy web hosting? ( at top )

    Websites created by A4DeskPro could run on all servers, it should support Yahoo and GoDaddy too, but you may need to check with your hosting company to get the root directory path and fill in into "Default Host Directory" field

    If you don't have an existing web hosting server, you may consider our hosting plan at:

  4. The updated changes are not showing in the website. ( at top )

    You may clear the browser cache to prevent it from reading the old data, and presenting updated site content instead.

  5. How to upload the site to GoDaddy domain or server? ( at top )

    If you have the FTP information provided by GoDaddy, you can follow the steps below:

    1. After you create the website, select File->Save to save the project of A4Desk.

    2. Select File->Publish and Upload, choose the folder you want to publish the site. Click 'Publish'

    3. A FTP settings window is now displayed. You can type in the FTP host, login and password. Click OK to proceed.


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