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  1. I have a website created by A4Desk, can I transfer the content to A4DeskPro? ( at top )

    No, the project file of A4DeskPro is different from A4Desk. Please copy your website content from your A4Desk to the A4DeskPro template.

  2. Any requirement on the web hosting server to host the website? ( at top )

    Websites created by A4DeskPro could run on all servers, as long as the viewer's browser have Adobe Flash Player installed.

  3. How can I publish to a CD-ROM with autorun files? ( at top )

    In the Publish Settings dialog box, choose a directory to store the project files. Check the box "Create Autorun.inf file for CD-ROM autorun". The published files include index.swf, index.html, autorun.exe, autorun.inf, AC-RunActiveContent.js and 'a4content' folders.

  4. Does the CD-ROM autorun publishing work in Mac systems? ( at top )

    Our current autorun feature targets Windows. Mac OS does not have direct methods of performing autorun, and the best method is to include a readme file in the root of the CD to explain what the files do.

  5. My project is not recognized and can't open. It shows the message "The selected file doesn't exist at this location". What can I do? ( at top )

    Please ensure the project file (.a4p) exists in the selected path. Or you can simply use the open project to browse the project file manually.

    Sometimes, your project file (.a4p) maybe corrupted. You can upload it to us, we will check the possibility to recover it.


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