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  1. Can I place image to the text area? ( at top )

    You can load one external image or SWF file to the text area. Please select "External File" under "Edit Item" column, and browse in your computer, or enter the URL of the image or SWF file. The file will then be shown on the text area.

    Please note no text can be entered to the page when it loads external file.

  2. How can I show the best quality image(s) in my site? ( at top )

  3. Please follow the instructions below to show images with the best possible quality in your site .

    • Under the Main Information tab, check the box "Show Image Grids" to view the pixels for each image.
    • Resize your images in Photoshop /Fireworks, e.g. 324x285 pixels. Then select "Original Image Size" to import the image.
    • For the new templates starting from A4PRO034, there is a "Display Method" option in "Image Resizer", you can select "None" to display the original size, or select "Ratio" to import a larger image.
    • For other templates, select "Fixed" size and use original dimension in Display Size. This way can prevent images from getting stretched.

  4. Can I add more photo albums in the website? ( at top )

    As one photo album can be inserted in built-in image manager only, please consider our A4desk Photo Gallery. It also supports categorization. You can display galleries by using text link, or link in menu item of A4DeskPro.

    To avoid files overwriting with each other, you should publish and upload the galleries into different folders first. For example,
    Each /gallery_/ file contains /a4gallery/ folder as well as photogallery.htm

    Then add the link to A4DeskPro for displaying the photo gallery (e.g,, etc)

    Take a look at our example here:

    For detailed steps, please visit:

    Download a trial version for testing purpose:

  5. How can I add images within the flow of the text in the content page? ( at top )

    Our A4DeskPro templates do not fully support adding images within the flow of the text in the content page.

    As a workaround, you may try the following tag to insert images:
    <img src='' width='80' height='80' >

  6. How to insert the gallery in our website in flash instead of html?( at top )

    The Flash Photo Gallery can be published to a HTML page only.

    To make the gallery display directly on your Flash site, you can use CSS layer overlay with JavaScript.

  7. I want to embed the swf files in the content side, how can I do it? ( at top )

    Due to the limitation of Flash, you can only insert simple SWF files (without complex ActionScript) and they need to be in the designated image area.

  8. Is there a way to make the website take up the entire screen?( at top )

    On 'Main Information' tab, you can set the Display Size as 'Best Fit' . The template will resize to fit the browser but keep at original ratio. The amount of empty space will vary for different screen resolutions.


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