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  1. How can I add a contact form in A4DeskPro? ( at top )

    To allow visitors contact you by a contact form, there should be server-side scripts supporting (PHP) such function. If you already have such script installed at your web space, you can click the contact form setting to create your form. Fill in the title, description, email and subject. Then you can use the set as contact form function when using link type or insert a link to the content text area using the Form button. For more details, please refer to our online user guide: Create a Contact Form

  2. Can I apply some HTML tags in my website content in A4DeskPro? ( at top )

    The follow html tags are allowed in a4desk template's content area :

    Attributes Available
    href, target
    face , color , size
    align ( left,center,right )

    If you want to put forms or any html tag not listed above, you can first create a pure html webpage, and then make a link to it using the <a> tag.

  3. How can I set the alignment of text such as company name and dropdown menus? ( at top )

    These settings are available in the Font Settings window:
    Click the alignment button under Change Font and you can make the text align to left, center or right.

  4. How can I make a line in the content text align to center? ( at top )

    Firstly, highlight the line you want. Then click on the "<p>" button under text area and choose your alignment option.

  5. How can I add text below or above the flash website? ( at top )

    You can add text below your flash website by going to the tab page "HTML & Meta Tag Settings", which is located under toolbar. At "MEMO Area", you can insert text or HTML tags below your site.

    For inserting text above your flash web site, you need to edit webpage's source, or you can contact us for customizations.

  6. Can I add more contact form to my website? ( at top )

    Customization is required for adding more contact forms.

  7. How can I get my website found in search engines? ( at top )

    You can use <meta> elements, which provides descriptions and keywords for search engines. Please refer to the link below:

  8. How to add HTML patch to my website other than below the footer? ( at top )

    Please note that A4DeskPro is a flash website builder, it will produce flash based website, the flash based website only allow limited HTML tag support inside the flash area. If you need to add external HTML content outside the flash website, you can publish the flash website, get the index.html and modify it using notepad or any html editor to add your own HTML content.

  9. Does your software templates accept Google Adsense code?

    For Google Adsense, as our A4DeskPro templates are flash based, you are required to put your google adsense code in the HTML Area, you can simply put it in the memo area or modify the published html file using any html editor and add your google adsense code.


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