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  1. How can I link your other Flash products, such as Video Player, Photo Gallery, Music Player and Interactive Map to my A4DeskPro website? ( at top )

    You can link the flash products to the A4DeskPro website using the link within the content text or as a link in the menu item. Please take a look at our example:

    A4DeskPro sample site

    For the steps on how to link the flash products to the A4DeskPro website, please refer to our user guide for further details.

  2. How to add PayPal link in A4DeskPro? ( at top )

    Please refer to our user guide for further details.

  3. Can I add Excel files in the website? ( at top )

    You can use the Link button to create links to your Excel files.
    Please note that you would need to upload these files together with your published website to make these files downloadable.

  4. Can I add tables in the content page?( at top )

    Due to the limitation of Flash, <table> tag is not supported in the content area.
    You may need to setup a table page in HTML and put links from the template to the table page.

    You may click the 'Link' button to insert a link with target or manually insert a popup link:
    <a href=""
    target="_blank">sample link</a>

  5. How can I add pdf file in the website?( at top )

    You can upload the pdf manually to server, e.g.,

    Then add the above full address link to your template, if the files exist, it will call up the pdf reader and open this pdf file.

    Detail Steps:

    1. Select the text you want to link the PDF file, click the "Link" button at the bottom of the screen.

    2. A pop-up dialog box will be displayed. Enter the URL in Link Address field, you can select where the link will be opened in Show Link in section. Click Add button to apply the settings.

  6. If I buy this software, can I still create ASP pages and use your templates on top of that , if yes how ? ( at top )

    The software itself cannot create ASP pages, but you can copy the Flash template code to an ASP page to run.

  7. I can not register my site on Google when it is created with A4DeskPro. Please help me how can i make it to be seen on Google?( at top )

    Please try the following link:



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