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  Registration or purchasing license
  1. How can I purchase an A4DeskPro template/ How can I remove the demo button? ( at top )

    Please go to our registration page to place an order.

    For single template registration, you need to enter the "Site Title" you used on the template, a license key unique to the "Site Title" and template ID will be email to you.

    Please click the "Register" button on your template and enter the license key, the demo logo will then be removed.

    If you need to use A4DeskPro for multiple websites, the Unlimited Template Access Plan is suitable for you. Which allows you to register any number of websites, generate your own license keys during your subscription period.

    When the subscription plan expires, you can CONTINUE to open and update the site content of your previous projects. You only need to renew the subscription plan for creating new websites or download new templates.

  2. Why some of my sites still show the "Demo" button and watermark, although I have purchased A4DeskPro? ( at top )

    Please refer to instructions in the order mail or user guide to install or update templates correctly.

  3. Why my registration key is invalid? ( at top )

    Please remember no prevailing or trailing space (and quotation marks) should be copied as any extra characters would affect the key.


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