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  General FAQ of using A4DeskPro
  1. What is A4DeskPro? ( at top )

    A4DeskPro is a professional software suite made up of two major components:

    1. An easy-to-use, Windows-based WYSIWYG application for editing Web-site templates.
    2. A wide selection of Web-site templates that you may edit using the A4DeskPro software.

    Download A4DeskPro, and with only a few mouse clicks, you can build a Website using your own images and text. No programming knowledge is required!

  2. What is the difference between A4DeskPro and A4Desk? ( at top )

    A4DeskPro is an upgraded version of A4Desk which supports more features and customization ability. Please view the comparison table of A4DeskPro and A4Desk on

  3. Who should use A4DeskPro software and Flash templates? ( at top )

    A4DeskPro is for Webmasters and anyone else who wants to create a website but is just too busy to learn programming. Download our software today, and you are only minutes away from publishing your own Flash website!

  4. Do I need to know programming or have Adobe Flash to use A4DeskPro? ( at top )

    No, you won't need any programming skills. A4DeskPro is a stand-alone software, it doesn't need to have Flash or any other software to function.

  5. How to add/ remove the sub menus? ( at top )

    To add sub menu, please click on the main menu and right click to "Add Item".

    To remove sub menu, please click on the sub menu and right click to "Delete Item".

  6. Can I add a 3rd levels of menus? ( at top )

    A4DeskPro only support 2 levels of menu: Main Menu and Sub Menu. Extra menu levels are not supported.

  7. Does A4DeskPro support Mac OS? ( at top )

    A4DeskPro is a Windows software only. However, the published files are readable in any browsers from Windows, Mac OS or Linux which supports the latest Adobe Flash player.

  8. How can I hide unused menu items in A4DeskPro? How to make all the menu buttons aligned? ( at top )

    It can be done by pressing the buttons in the tool bar in the left hand side.

    1. Select the menu items you would like to hide, then select “not used(hidden)” in edit menu, some space may appear between the menu buttons. (Refer to pic1)

    2. The space can be eliminated by pressing “moving down menu items” or “moving up menu items” in the left hand side. (Refer to pic2)

    Click to enlarge the picture

    space between menu buttons
    eliminate the space by pressing"moving down menu items" or "moving up menu items" in the left hand side

  9. How can I re-download the registered software after formatting my computer? ( at top )

    Please request your download link again using our order tracking form at

  10. Why my website isn't indexed or doing well in search? ( at top )

    The Meta Keywords, Description tag can be used to get your page listed under the search engines. Apart from using Meta Tag, relevancy/usefulness of the content and how well your site is linked from other websites are equally important for Google to find, crawl and then index your site.

    For details, please visit

  11. How to build Arabic language website? ( at top )

    Try to use Tahoma font, it supports Arabic text from right to left. Here is a sample A4DeskPro site with Arabic language:

  12. How do I add more menus or remove menus?( at top )

    Customization is required for adding more menus, while the customization template cannot be edited via the software anymore. To remove menus, you can only hide it.

    For more information of hiding menus, please refer to the link below.

  13. Does the A4DeskPro website builder support Skype, FaceBook buttons and Google ads? ( at top )

    You may consider placing them in the memo area, which is under the Flash Site.

    Please refer to this help page for details.

  14. Can I browse a4deskpro website in my mobile?( at top )

    Our A4DeskPro sites can be browsed or not in the mobile devices depends on its Flash supportive function.



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