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  Comparision between A4DeskPro and A4Desk

If you have tried our A4Desk before, you will find A4DeskPro provides more functions and flexibility you have never experience before!

  A4Desk A4DeskPro
Main Menu Up to 8 5 to 8 main menus (varies between templates)
Sub Menu Not Available Up to 8 sub-menus under each main menu
Menu Link Type Link to content area only Ability to link to content area, external web pages/ files or without any linking
Description Field 1 only Up to 2
Company Logo Supported by few templates Supported by most of the templates
Image Support up to 2 site images

Support up to 3 site images, varies between templates

Content Area Support Text Only Support Text / Image (jpeg) / Flash (swf)
Template Color Style Limited to Background and Border Color only Color change on almost every area on the template
Opacity Setting Not Available Can be adjusted on all images and colors
Scrollbar Up and Down arrows only Traditional scrollbar with scroll track, color modifiable
Background Music Volume not adjustable Volume can be adjusted by percentage
Built-in Video Player Not Available Support videos in FLV format
Built-in Music Player Not Available Support music files in MP3 format
Built-in Photo Gallery Not Available Support jpg, gif and png format
Built-in Shopping Cart No Yes
Content Alignment Not adjustable Every text can align to Left, Center or Right
XML based data file No Yes
Flash Player Version Requirement Flash Player 6 or above Flash Player 8 or above

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