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Multiple Software Licenses

If you are interested in using A4DeskPro by multiple users in your company, organizations and education institutions, the multiple user license option is suitable for you. Multiple user license is available for Unlimited Template access plan at discounted prices. This provides a simple and affordable solution to build Flash websites in your team without coding, and you could save from purchasing expensive Flash editing software suite.

Price list for multiple user license

Number of licenses Price per license
2-5 $152.10
6-10 $135.20
11-20 $118.30
21-50 $101.40
51-100 $92.95
101-200 $84.50
200+ Please contact us for pricing.

The benefits of buying multiple user licenses includes:

  • A free, licensed copy of A4DeskPro software in CD-ROM, and we will deliver the CD to you free.
  • Login access to our member area for 12 months. Each license entitles one username/password.
  • During the subscription period, you can access all available templates in our member area (see gallery), and use an online KEY generator to generate any number of keys to register these templates. You can keep using these templates once you have registered them.
  • Additional 3 bonus programs (A4MenuBuilder, A4Desk Flash Music Player and A4Desk Flash Photo Gallery) to further extend your website without coding, and music tracks for your decoration needs.

After the subscription period, you can CONTINUE to use the projects you have created already, and keep updating the site content. There is NO EXPIRY DATE for existing projects.

To place your multiple user license order, please contact us. We will contact you to discuss your licensing needs.

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